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the difference between bedsheet and bedcover

What is the Difference Between and Bedsheets and Bedcovers

Bedsheets and bedcovers are two important components of bedding, but many people are unaware of the differences between them. Bedsheets are typically made of cotton, linen, or a blend of synthetic fibers and are used to cover the mattress. Bedcovers, on the other hand, are decorative coverings that are used to enhance the appearance of […]

Duvet Cover: All you need to know about Duvet covers

What is a duvet cover? As the name suggests, a duvet cover is a cover for a duvet, much like any other cover, it is used to cover the contents inside. Similarly, a duvet cover is used to cover the duvet and prolong its lifespan. What is a duvet? A duvet is a type of […]

What are Bedsheets? Type of Bedsheets? Guides to buy Bedsheets for your bedroom

The term Bedsheet was first used in the 15th century. Bedsheets were traditionally white and made of cotton, linen, or silk, but now come in a variety of colors and patterns. India is a country with rich history and cultural heritage, among many of its cultural heritage, one stands above is the distinctive clothing format. […]