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Dohar vs. Comforter: Which is Right for You? (Differences + Where to Buy)

Buying bedding is never easy, especially nowadays when we have so many options available. Differentiating between a dohar, a quilt, and a comforter online is just as difficult as looking for one in a market with various quality options at different price ranges. Here we put together a guide to help you understand the difference between a dohar and a comforter, and which one is the ideal choice for your bedroom

Which one is better – Comforter or Dohar?

The primary difference between a comforter and a dohar is that a comforter is an extra-thick bed cover made of two layers of the same fabric stuffed with wool or artificial fibre. A dohar, on the other hand, consists of top, middle, and bottom layers. The upper and lower layers are made of soft cotton/Mulmul fabric, while the middle layer is Falalen, a thin layer of cotton.

The thickness difference between comforter and dohar, Comforter vs Dohar
The thickness difference between Comforter and Dohar

What is a Dohar? (And What Does “Dohar” Mean?)

A dohar is a traditional Indian summer blanket known for its softness, lightweight feel, and breathability. The word “dohar” comes from the Hindi word “dohrana,” which means “to repeat” or “layers,” referring to the blanket’s three-layered construction. It’s made with:

  • Top and Bottom: Soft cotton or Mulmul fabric
  • Middle: A thin layer of cotton or flannel for a touch of warmth

Why Choose a Dohar?

A fine hand-block printed, reversible cotton dohar from  Urban Jaipur, with three difference angles, main angle showcases the dohar on bed. Second angle show the dohar curled - to showcase it's fabric, and third angle shows the reversible print of the dohar
A fine hand-block printed, reversible cotton dohar from Urban Jaipur
  • Ideal for Warm Weather: Dohars are perfect for summers, monsoons, and mild winters, keeping you cool and comfortable without overheating.
  • Breathable Comfort: The lightweight design and cotton construction allow for excellent airflow.
  • Easy Care: Most dohars are machine washable. For hand-block printed dohars, dry in the shade to preserve the colors.

Dohars go by many names worldwide, including:

  • Thin blanket
  • Coverlet
  • Light comforter
  • Indian summer comforter
  • AC Dohar or AC Quilt

What is a Comforter?

A comforter is a thick, fluffy blanket designed to provide warmth and comfort during colder months. It features two layers of fabric stitched together and filled with insulating materials like:

  • Down: The classic choice, offering exceptional warmth
  • Wool: Natural and moisture-wicking
  • Silk: Lightweight and luxurious
  • Microfiber: Hypoallergenic and affordable

Unlike quilts, comforter stitching is primarily for keeping the filling evenly distributed rather than decorative.

Urban Jaipur cotton comforter, it features a reversible print,  blue color on one side and white color on other side. The image here has three angles of comforter - 1. main angle - it showcases the comforter on bed, also shows the reversible print. 2. second angle - it shows the reversible print of the comforter 3. third angle in the image shows how the comforter would look like folded, what size the comforter would look like.
Urban Jaipur cotton comforter

Key Factors to Consider:

  • Warmth Level (Tog Rating): Comforters are rated by “tog,” indicating their warmth. Higher tog ratings mean a warmer comforter.
  • Fill Power (for Down): This measures how fluffy down is. Higher fill power means better insulation and a lighter comforter.
  • Shell Material: Options include cotton, polyester, and blends. Consider breathability and durability.
  • Dual-Purpose Design: While primarily designed as a top-of-bed blanket, comforters offer a neat, covered look, making them versatile for various bedroom styles.
  • Style Variety: Comforters come in a vast range of colours, patterns, and textures, complementing modern and traditional decor.
  • For added protection and easy style changes, consider using a duvet cover with your comforter

What is the Difference between a dohar and a comforter?

  • A dohar is a type of blanket made of soft materials that are lightweight and breathable, as opposed to a comforter, which is a blanket made of heavy materials.
  • The top and bottom layers of a dohar are made of cotton, while the middle layer is made of either cotton or wool. A comforter has two layers made of cotton, wool, or microfiber.
  • A dohar is the ideal blanket for summer and slightly hot weather, while a comforter is suitable for winter and cool weather.
  • A dohar is a small blanket that takes up less space than a comforter and is ideal for travelling because it can fit in your carry-on luggage.
Image of dohar and comforter showing their reversible prints

Difference between Dohar and Comforter

CompositionThree layers of cotton muslin (top and bottom: soft cotton or Mulmul, middle: cotton/flannel)Two layers of fabric (cotton, wool, microfiber) filled with insulation (down, wool, silk, microfiber)
UsageIdeal for summers, mild winters, and AC roomsIdeal for colder climates and winter months.
WeightLightweight and breathableHeavier due to insulation materials
StorageCompact and easy to storeBulkier, may require more storage space
Typical NamesThin blanket, coverlet, duvet, thin comforter, Indian comforter, AC Dohar or AC QuiltsCommonly known as a comforter in India
MaintenanceEasy to maintain and wash at homeRequires special care, may need professional cleaning
Typical Use CasesSummer blanket, AC blanketWinter blanket, added warmth
Ideal forWarm weather, layering with other blanketsColder weather, provides substantial warmth

Where to Buy the Best Dohars and Comforters Online

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